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Your own Home Theatre is one of the most fun and enjoyable investments that you can make

Home Theatre - Better than being at the movies!

Sit in the center of a movie theatre or on the fifty yard line at the football game every time you turn on your system. Let A Plus Electronics create an experience that watching ordinary television just can't seem to produce.

It's the crunch of the pads as the lineman tackles the running back. It’s the roar of the jet across the room as it flies overhead, that makes you feel like part of the action.

Our mission is to help you evaluate your needs and combine them with equipment you may already own to come up with the finest performance at the best possible price.

The Secret Is In The Sound.

Sound triggers the senses in all forms of entertainment. When you're at the theatre, you often forget that you're in a darkened room watching a movie, and your imagination transports you into the middle of the action. Movie theatres use a combination of high-resolution film, multiple speakers positioned to help recreate time and dimension relationships with the action on the screen, and specially encoded sound tracks that make movement on the screen coincide with the sound you hear. Let A Plus Electronics bring that same realistic "theatre experience" to your home.

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