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HomeLogic System & Equipment Elements

The HomeLogic OneHome Automation System is an IP/Home Network based touchscreen control system that allows unprecedented (in this price range) control of many of your homes subsystems.  It brings management of Weather forecast/conditions, Heating & Air - Climate , Security, Lighting, voice Messaging, surveillance Cameras, whole house Audio/Video, landscaping Irrigation and much more to one comprehensive control interface that can be located in as many places in the home as desired.  Because it is IP based it can also be accessed from the internet.  This same internet connection also allows system upgrading and servicing over the internet.

Below is some information on the associated equipment and a cursory look at the user interface this system offers.  A Plus Electronics has a complete system in our showroom.  Call for a demonstration.


The Interface:

The Home Screen:  This contains a 5-day weather forecast as well as current conditions.  The Home, Away and Vacation mode buttons are on this page. 

We can also create custom buttons that when pressed enact a whole set of predetermined scenes or moods.  Popular buttons themes might be (but not limited to):

* “Party Time”, “Romantic Evening”, “I’m Home” or “Unwind” which might turn on certain zones of music to a predetermined level, start playing a preprogrammed song list, set certain thermostats to a certain level, turn on certain lights to a desired level.

* “Good Morning” which might start playing wake up music, turn on certain lights and set certain thermostats.

* “Good Night” which might turn off all lights, set back the thermostats and arm the security system.

* “All Lights On” or “All Lights Off”


The Security Screen Tab:  This screen allows you complete control of your communicating Honeywell/Ademco or GE/Caddux security system.  You can see which zones are faulted (open) at a glance and arm or disarm your system.  There is also a complete history tab, which shows you a time graph of which zones were faulted, when the system was armed/disarmed and other important data.  You can also access your security system by calling in on a phone.



Climate Screen Tab: This area contains a separate sub tabs and pages for each of your home’s communicating AprilAire thermostats.  You can control mode of operation and scheduling for “Home”, “Away” and “Vacation” modes. View history for each thermostat on the system.  Very powerful climate control of your entire home from any touchscreen or computer!  You can also access your thermostats by calling in on the phone


Lighting Screen Tab: This area contains a separate screen for each of your lighting systems in wall keypads.  HomeLogic supports several Lighting systems and A Plus offers Vantage Control at the high end and PCS’s system at the mid end. HomeLogic allows you to leverage the power of your lighting system by giving you control of all your home’s lighting keypads from any color touch screen in the home or any internet browser from outside your house



Audio Screen Tab: The crown jewel of the HomeLogic system, this area tenders incredible control of you Home’s Music system.  We offer the B&K CT or the Russound CAV6 multi room/multi zone whole house music systems.  These systems allow listening or watching different sources in different rooms with each zone having independent volume. HomeLogic tightly integrates with these systems and gives total color touchscreen control of your music library, complete with CD cover art, artist, title and song list.  Play list management is a breeze.  The HomeLogic screen also incorporates a very intuitive AM/FM tuner, Internet Radio and XM Radio interface.


Messaging Screen Tab: This area contains a voice mail log. Retrieving messages is as simple as touching on a message in the log and hitting play.  Caller ID and time/date stamps are also in this voice mail log.  Once you have listened to the message, you can delete it or keep it in the log.  It will then be marked as “old”.  Separate pages contain a comprehensive Caller ID log and answering machine controls (answer on 1-6 rings; answer off, etc.).  In future builds, HomeLogic hopes to have separate mailboxes for different family members.  You can also access your voice mail system by calling in on a phone.



Video Screen Tab: This area allows viewing any IP based camera in or around your home.  Currently supporting Panasonic color IP cameras, which offer control of pan & tilt.  Legacy (non IP) cameras can be viewed on the HomeLogic system by installing a web camera server.  The video tab creates thumbnail images of all of your cameras.  Simply touching any of the thumbnails brings the full image on the touchscreen.


Irrigation Screen Tab: This area offers complete control of the Rain8 lawn communicating sprinkler/irrigation control system. At will, you can change groups or individual zones of sprinklers.  Permanently change the scheduling or go to manual mode for temporary changes.  There is also a history page, which gives a time/date graph of all the irrigation zones.



Pocket PC Interface:

HomeLogic offers an interface for Pocket PC’s which, when integrated with a wireless home network, allows handheld control of your entire home.  HomeLogic has done a magnificent job of bringing the interface to the Pocket PC world.  Below are some examples of the system tab pages.

Example of a Pocket PC

Example of the Home Page

Thermostat View from  the Climate Tab



Camera View on the Video Tab

Example of the Lighting Tab

Example of the voice mail log on the Message Tab


Other Noteworthy HomeLogic Features:



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