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A Plus Electronics is ISF certified and owns color calibration equipment to properly calibrate video display equipment like TV's and projectors. If you are considering an upscale home screening room project, select an ISF certified dealer with color calibration equipment (not just an optical comparator) design and install your room.

All projectors and TV's need to be calibrated properly and virtually none come that way from the factory. Properly calibrated equipment is the only way you can truly maximize the true potential of your investment.

The Imaging Science Foundation is in the Display Standards industry, and is dedicated to improving the quality of electronic imaging.

The ISF has four basic roles in this industry:

1. Consulting with manufacturers regarding product development.

The ISF conducts private seminars and product evaluations. Clients include Bose, Electrohome, Hughes/JVC, Krell, Marantz, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Yamaha, and others.

2. Dealer training.

We conduct approximately 6 seminars per year for retail dealers to help them understand the parameters of what makes good video. Training includes hands-on experience in video calibration. The ISF expects our dealers to stress good pictures and superior service in their respective marketplaces.

3. Media communications through editorial copy and ad placement.

We are presently running ad copy promoting picture quality in Audio Video Interiors, Home Theater, Stereophile's Guide to Home Theater, and Robb Report. Joel Silver and Jim Burns contribute editorial copy through feature stories.

4. ISF licensing.

We endorse products we feel contribute to "High Fidelity Video" through a formal licensing program. At present, licensees include Da-Lite Screen Company, Extron Electronics, Krell Industries, Inc., Madrigal Audio Laboratories, Monster Cable Products, Inc., and Stewart Filmscreen Corporation.

Goals of the ISF Education Process Are To:
  1. Outline display specifications, the well defined rules for translating an electronic signal into a viewable image.
  2. Discuss design considerations for choosing CRT's, LCD's or DLP's in implementing these rules.
  3. Discuss possible options in obtaining the most accurate reproduction of the incoming signal, and the effect of room environment on picture quality.
  4. Look at external signal processing, such as scalers, line doublers and quadruplers.
  5. Explain and demonstrate calibration procedures.
  6. Examine the need for periodic maintenance.
  7. Look at specific display requirements for other electronic imaging systems, such as computer displays and telemedicine.
  8. Support ISF dealers who bring high quality images to consumer electronics.
  9. Help our dealers implement High Definition television.

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