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Imagine controlling your audio and video equipment from any room in the home? It's not a fantasy. A Plus Electronics has a variety of multi-room audio video choices to match most budgets.

The most flexible custom installations control a centrally located A/V system from remote locations in the home or office. Multi-room systems offer the ability to select and distribute an audio source to any zone in the system and play it back at a desired volume level. The best of these systems can distribute several sources to multiple zones, at different volume levels, simultaneously.

Below is a description of the most popular systems available:

Whole House Music: As the simplest and most cost effective system, installing Whole House Music typically consists of an AM/FM 100 watt per channel receiver and several source components (i.e. CD, MP3 server, etc). The music is piped throughout the house to several zones each with a pair of speakers a volume control. This type of system allows you to play one source throughout the whole house. Whatever one zone is doing the others must also be doing (or turn it's respective volume control off).

Dual Zone System: Becoming the most popular we install, a Dual Zone System typically consists of a superior home theatre receiver with several source components (i.e. CD, tape, VCR, DVD, DSS satellite). This system allows one source to be enjoyed in the theatre room while an additional source is piped to other zones in the house. Typically, infrared "eyes" are placed throughout the house to enable remote control of the second zone feed.

Multi Zone/Multi Room: At the top end of the price class, but these days more affordable - Multi-Zone/Multi-Room Systems most often feature in-wall keypads or touchscreens. All zones are completely independent, allowing total access to all source components. These systems allow the user to turn on the system, select a source and control volume from individual zone keypads. The elite of these systems also distribute composite level video to all zones. One zone can be watching a DVD, another viewing a VCR tape, another using satellite and yet another listening to a CD player or MP3 server.

A Plus Electronics has installed hundreds systems for its customers since 1985. Each system is so carefully integrated into the client's home, they almost disappear. Nothing is more enjoyable than experiencing your favorite music and/or video piped into any room in your home.

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