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Intelligent Remote Control with Color Touchscreen Display













Home Theater Master MX3000

  • Unique and fully customizable learning remote control
  • Total control of IR based consumer electronics products
  • Dynamic display with familiar buttons and simple menus
  • Intuitive and animated user interface with scrolling menu options
  • Easy to program and save commands in non-volatile memory
  • Design and personalize buttons, panels, and devices with customized labels and icons
  • Programmable and editable macros
  • Uniquely stylish and lightweight design for convenience of use
  • Easy visibility with large LCD color screen, back light 
  • Powerful PC software
  • Recharging dock with rechargeable LiIon battery pack and AC adapter

A Plus Electronics also offers the Home Theater Master MX900 & MX950 remote control solutions.  For those who prefer a non touch screen remote, these remotes offer PC programmability & file archiving as well as comprehensive macro functionality.
MX 950 MX 900

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