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What is Wiring Americas' Homes?

Wiring Americas' Homes is an industry promotional campaign to educate consumers and builders to emphasize the need for improved wiring in homes to fully access the information superhighway.

What is the mission of Wiring Americas' Homes?

Prompt builders to install, and consumers to request, residential wire networks with adequate capacity for electronic traffic those networks must accommodate today and tomorrow.

Why Is Proper Wiring Important?

As technology advances in our lives like a wildfire, the lines between telephone, computer & television are blurring. The proliferation of the internet, computers and hi-definition TV are bringing together the information highway to our fingertips.

While phoneline, powerline (your AC wiring in your house) and radio frequency networks are now a reality, the proper wiring in a house allows you to take advantage of the rapidly advancing technology now & in the future. Within 5 years most people will have 3 or more computers in their house and some form of computer will sit in your entertainment cabinet just as prevalent as a VCR and CD are today. The ability to link all of these computers together (and to the internet) and at the fastest speed available, will be contingent on the wiring running through your house.

If you are building a house today, why build a house that is technologically obsolete?

Building a new house - How should it be wired?

We recommend an aggressive selection of rooms selected for both TV & phone locations!

All wires should be home run to a mechanical room or some centralized point

To Each TV location:
2 ea. RG6 quad shield coax wires & 2 ea. Cat 5 phone wires

To each Phone location:
1 ea. Cat 5 phone wire

To each Computer location:
2 ea. Cat 5 phone wires

Would you rather live in a house with modern plumbing...or with a well in the back yard where you had to hoist a bucket every time you needed water? In the same way that you want up to date plumbing in your home, you also need wiring that allows you to connect with today's...and tomorrow's......information and entertainment technologies. You want your house to be connected to the services and features that help make it a real, livable home.

By making sure your new home is wired to that specification, you'll be able to have distributed video and audio for more convenient and compelling entertainment; easier and more powerful ways to share internally and externally sourced data from home computers; energy savings via access to utility pricing signals; convenient access from the home to a host of services, from banks to stores to maintenance; whole house control; and more.

You not only want the right kind of wiring in your house, you want to be able to get to it when necessary in order to easily connect different systems. Ask your builder to use home run wiring to maximize accessibility. Home run means running all the wires to a central location (typically a mechanical room)..

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