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Let Us Be Your Entertainment Committee.

As home electronics and entertainment systems become an increasingly important facet of modern living and working environments, the design and installation of such systems poses an even greater challenge to homeowners, architects, designers, and builders. This is where we come in.

Who we are.

A Plus Electronics integrates state-of-the-art audio/video and other electronic technologies into new and existing construction. We work closely with architects, builders, interior designers, or directly with the homeowner. We are contractors and are directly responsible for all aspects of our projects. From the initial design through installation, maintenance and service A Plus Electronics will do it all.

What we do.

A Plus Electronics engineers, designs and installs multi-room audio/video systems, lighting controls, personal theatres, entry and internal telecommunications, and other electronics systems in residences, corporate boardrooms, and professional offices or anywhere high quality sound and video are required. We even offer consulting to customers who only require that level of service.

We combine an innovative and functional approach to audio/video systems design with the best components and workmanship available to produce systems that are attractive, reliable, simple to use and that integrate well into your living environment. We carry a broad selection of products intended for professional, consumer, and industrial applications, which give us great flexibility in developing systems to suit your needs.

Why you should call us.

Simply put, we can eliminate a major source of effort and worry from your project. Our proposals are sensible, cost-effective and carefully tailored to the project at hand. We pay close attention to detail and emphasize continued support after the project is complete.

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